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Shawna Lidsky laid off….UGH

Posted by Alexandra Jump on December 3, 2008

452917_bg1Shawna Lidsky has been my morning sports broadcaster for several years on WCAX.  Judy Simpson, the morning anchor just announced that due to cut backs at the TV station,  Shawna has been laid off.  UGH.

Yesterday while pumping gas, I saw a work truck with “Brewster and Sons” on the side. It was a roofing business.  He said that he was a one man show,  his sons are 4 and 6 years old.  He does not know how long he can hang on, work is down by 50% and supplies for roofing are up.   Self employed.  UGH

UVM President, Dan Fogel sent out a letter to staff and faculty yesterday that there will be positions cut and tuition raised.  UGH.

Yesterday,  the media stated what we have known for a while, we have been in a recession for about a year.  Funny how it took them so long to tell us what we already know.   I just wonder when this officially becomes a depression.   Getting creative with money and stuff around the home is the best way to get though it.

angelI am going to do a craft sale this Saturday to boost up our Holiday kitty.   I make little wool angels for ornaments and I sell a bunch each year.

I have been spinning wool and making yarn and knitting like a fiend. Select board meetings are a good time to knit up hats and things.  It is budget time for the town and meetings are every Monday as the elected board ties to keep the budget level funded.

They are getting creative too and are approaching funding needs for the town in a conservative way.  I am thinking of running for a seat this March. The board position has a token pay associated with it, but $1500.00 for a year’s worth of service of meetings is not going to significantly change our financial outlook.  If elected, It will help me feel like I can contribute something to my community.

Keeping active and involved while in a slump is a good why to ward off depression.  So if keeping active and keeping movement forward works for the mind, then perhaps keeping our sites forward will help us with a financial depression as well.

Shawna has such a positive attitude, so I hope she is able to keep her momentum up.  She would be fantastic as a ski rep for any mountain.   Go Shawna Go.  Maybe I will send her an angel.  Yup, I think I will.

If anyone out there wants one, then 5 bucks, I have a paypal account and we can figure out the postage.  just comment or email me.  Shameless promotion, another tool for getting though.

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  1. themadblonde said

    Hi! Need your paypal address, please! -Karen

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